Pre-School Time

We believe in creating a nurturing and wholesome environment conducive to a lifetime of learning, a place where your child can learn, explore and grow. Recognized for our fervor and excellence in early education, we encourage the children to be enthusiastic and energetic learners brimming with a desire to explore. But above all, we introduce your child to a world outside home with immense love and care.

Our Childhood Programme:

  • Develops a child’s innate love of learning and gives freedom to each child to learn and progress at his / her own pace.
  • Celebrates creativity in all its forms; visual and performing.
  • Renders great pastoral care.
  • Promotes positive and happy attitude.
  • Provides activity-based opportunities for skill development and enrichment programmes.
  • Cultivates good communication skills.
  • Cherishes thinking and exploring, creating a dynamic learning process.
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